I started El’s Writing Space (EWS) so that I could get some writing practice. The stuff on here are largely of a personal nature that I don’t feel ready to share with the followers of my other blogs. So, I am mainly writing for myself. I don’t have much time for posting and editing as it is, yet I feel driven to begin and maintain this blog. I hope that its contents will encourage and entertain you and maybe answer some of your questions about life.

Since this blog is about writing practice please feel free to critique my work. Also don’t hesitate to comment. Posting will be infrequent at first because of everything I have on my plate at the moment. I still have a scientific thesis to write and my regular job which is journalistic in nature. But, I aim to post more frequently as I finish projects and stuff.

I set out to mainly use writing Prompts from this site. But, the blog has taken on a life of its own. Now I mainly post in the Winds of Change category which functions as my online journal. The series chronicles my struggle with pornography and other forms of sexual immorality as God leads me from the cesspit I found myself in to the Land of Promise where He resides. I do get into “unnecessary” detail about some events. Whenever I do this in a post, you will be warned about its mature content which will always appear at the end of the post. My reason for doing this is so that I can remember these things since I tend to forget them. I don’t describe sex or porn, but I do set the scene for the wet dreams and spontaneous ejaculations I sometimes have. With Winds of Change functioning as my online journal, it’s contents will with time include more areas of my life as my focus changes from dealing with the causes of my addictions to living the life God wants me to live.

There is also the Poetry category which contains poems I wrote and of those poets I admire. Posts that fall in the Ramble category contain my musings and questions about life. Writing Advice contains just that–writing advice given by others. The other categories are self-explanatory.

I always wanted to undertake a journey and write about it. I guess this is it. So wish me luck and faithfulness.

Feel free to contact me by using the comment form at the end of every post, at the bottom of this page and the contact form.

Please note: the stick figures in the blog’s header image were created by Donald Simpson and can be found at Figure Drawing Basics. And I don’t endorse the ads on this site. WordPress.com automatically adds them to posts.

Happy reading and critiquing!

Eleazar McAllister


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