Ask the Art Professor: How do you develop patience for learning curves?

Awesome piece of advice and encouragement that applies to any line work or artistic endeavour. 🙂

Clara Lieu

Final Crit

“Ask the Art Professor” is an advice column for visual artists, now featured in the Huffington Post.  This is your chance to ask a professional artist/educator your questions about being an artist, the creative process, career advice, etc. Submit your question by emailing me at clara(at), or by commenting here on this blog. All questions will be posted anonymously, and you’ll receive notification when your question is online.  Read an archive of past articles here.

“Do you have any recommendations in developing patience for learning curves? Is there a way to learn patience for things that seem like they may not click any time soon?”

Being an artist will test your patience in so many ways, and learning curves are no exception. Those learning curves don’t even end after school is over. With every new project that I take on there is always some new skill that I…

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