Winds of Change: 332-330 days to go

My church celebrated Mother’s Day with a children’s programme and gifts. Each mother got a compilation CD.

I worked a bit on the data analysis script on Sunday morning. In the afternoon, I went to the lab to feed my cultures. After this my youth group and I went to a drug rehabilitation centre.

My sister and I went to one of the youth group members’ home—our designated rendezvous point. We felt a little socially awkward. I was afraid that I would run out of things to say to our friends and would therefore struggle to keep the conversation going. So, when we arrived at their home we decided to wait in the car until our other friends came with their car. After 15 minutes elapsed, we were joined by my idealogical twin. He was shortly followed by our friend at whose place he was residing. There was no difficulty in keeping the conversation going.

We waited for more than an half an hour for our other friends to come. When prompted all they said was that they were stuck in traffic. We couldn’t believe it. Traffic on a Sunday afternoon? But it turned out that they were telling the truth.

At the drug rehabilitation centre, the matron (head nurse) was displeased with our lateness. The recovering addicts were watching a DVD. She didn’t want us interrupting the programme and wouldn’t budge when our “contact” asked that we just speak to them for 15 minutes. She called the pastor in charge of the facility upon request who restated their position. He said that we could come in two weeks’ time. Our “contact” agreed to this.

Our “contact” is not really the contact. She is the assistant youth leader through whom the contact worked. The contact went behind our backs and secured the approval of our church’s head elder. Then she asked me during church one day whether the youth could give a programme at the drug rehabilitation centre. I said that I would discuss it with the executive committee.

I didn’t feel comfortable about going to a drug rehabilitation centre and neither did my team. We chose not to say no directly. We just didn’t answer her request. She approached me a couple of times after that first meeting. S was present most of the times as were one or two other team members. When she saw that she wasn’t getting anywhere with me, she approached S’s cousin Na. She was incessant.

During the course of time I told the youth elder and the head elder. The youth elder said that we should run the programme by him before we go since we’ll represent our church. We should also find out what topics, words or phrases we should avoid. When I inquired, the church sister said that she had such a sheet. It won’t be necessary though because all we had to do was sing songs. She would bring the message.

Well, it turned out that she wouldn’t be there. She was in another city and sent us into the lion’s den without her supervision. She manipulated us into going by fixing an appointment with the drug rehabilitation centre without having a definite yes or no from us. That was two months ago. She told Na about this on the day of appointment. We tried to put a programme together to save our name and hers but were unsuccessful. So, we rescheduled for Sunday.

Sunday came and went. We came to the drug rehabilitation centre and left mission incomplete. In retrospect, we came to the understanding that it wasn’t God’s will that we interact with the recovering drug addicts at the centre. The invitation we saw was not from God. The church sister is not a member in good and regular standing. She was also involved in very dubious activities recently. We saw that our friends being caught up in “freak” traffic late on a Sunday afternoon was evidence of God’s intervention. We saw that the whole team felt the same way about ministering to the recovering drug addicts through her invitation. (It’s not ministry to the recovering drug addicts that put us off, but one through whom the invitation came.) We had unanimously agreed that ministering to recovering drug addicts was not our place as a youth group. It’s a special ministry that. It’s not one we are equipped for.

We learned some valuable lessons. I am certainly grateful.

S said that she was very uneasy about us going. She didn’t go herself. And when the time of the appointment drew near she prayed that God would send a battalion of angels to protect us. My sister was also uneasy about going. Her stomach acted up. She felt queasy when we arrived at the place and wanted to run away. So, there were signs which we disregarded. Yet the Lord still protected us.

Strangely enough we studied the liberation of the two Gergesan demoniacs in last night’s Bible study class. Because we couldn’t get the church key from the youth elder since he wasn’t at home, we went to S’s parents’ home. I had to conduct the study but forgot the study guide at home yesterday morning. I had ample time to read it when my train was cancelled. In total I waited an hour and a half for a train. Not having the Bible study book with me, I had no choice but to take out and read The Middle of the Journey.

I must confess that I’ve been looking for nudist groups in my area on Twitter. I found a men’s nude yoga group (which I’m definitely not interested in joining) and a couple of “nudists”. These “nudists” are more like sex addicts and prostitutes soliciting on Twitter. I can’t tell you how much it irks me to find people of this volition masquerading as nudists. They feed the perception that nudists are nymphomaniacs when the truth is far from it.

I haven’t spoken to my accountability partner in about two weeks. I’m still figuring out how I would go about calling him since my family doesn’t know that I had a porn addiction and would become suspicious of the calls. He did advise me to pray for my local church last week because of the power struggle and miscommunication between its elders and my team. It was the best advice I had ever gotten. And I thank God for it.

I had two wet dreams on Saturday morning (332 DTG)


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