Winds of Change: 353-344 days to go Part Two

This post is forms part 2 of the 353-344 DTG series. I don’t know why I didn’t publish it. The post appears in block quotes because I had written it so long ago.

Such a lot has happened during the past few days! Due to lack of time, I will just give you the highlights.

Taking a load off

I finished all my articles for this month today (i.e. 350 days to go). Yay! My colleagues held a farewell tea for me this afternoon because I will be heading back to campus full time from 1 May. My contract with my job expires on 30 April.

With regards to my other work duties, I made some good progress with editing the audio tracks of a play I was part of. A lot of work remains to be done though.

Team playing

I suffered a major disappointment with my youth team and with the church elders. I’m still debating about the wisdom of posting my account of the events and the internal struggle I underwent. I want to post it, but it will give you guys the wrong impression of what Christians are like. I will be frank here: some of you don’t believe in God, in Jesus Christ, and have been hurt by Christian in one way or other. This is not a religious blog so I won’t write an apology. But, I’m sure you understand my hesitation. We are a infinitely far away from upholding the moral law we profess to hold, but we strive to by the grace of God. And that’s that. Just know that I really want to post it, but won’t if it damages the cause of Christ. (I already recorded the events.)

On the porn front

Things are a little shaky on the porn front. I really wanted to look at porn today, viz. to look at photos of people engaged in non-sexual nudity. But I did not. I won’t say that I ran away from Flickr but I did search for other things. I came across some very beautiful landscape, portrait, and wildlife photos.

My accountability partner has really been good to me. We had a great conversation on 350 DTG (days to go). We spoke about my fear of my lovely bride changing into a hideous monster overnight, being a sex fiend in my marriage and marrying someone I don’t really love. I asked him how one knows when one really loves someone and how important being in love is. How do you know when a woman is “the one”? And should you pray for a God-fearing wife every day of your life?

He basically said that God will show me who I am to marry. Being in love is an integral part of a romantic relationship. It’s the seed from which “loving each other” sprouts. He said that I don’t need to worry about being a brute in my marriage (or rather he agreed with my reasoning) because Christ transformed me. When you are in Christ that nature is layed aside. He then shared his experience with me. I agreed with him when he said that I don’t have to pray for a God-fearing wife every day of my life. It’s one of those things that God will supply in due course. My prayer should be that I am a God-fearing man for my wife and that God will keep us both faithful. He sent me some material on fear today.

Going digital

I got an eReader today! I was so excited! I can’t wait to load some books on it, but it’s charging now. A booklist has already been set up, I just need to buy those books. I’ve got a whole lot of books in my digital library that I want to read. It’s enough to last me a lifetime!

Why not take the poll in the pane on the right and tell us which format of books do you prefer? I’m an old fashioned guy so I like hard copy books.


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