Winds of Change: 355-354 days to go

This post covers events and thoughts that happened yesterday (Good Friday) and the day before. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

On the porn front

Well, this morning (354 days to go (DTG)) I had a slight mishap in which I accidentally saw a porn pic while browsing through people’s profiles on Twitter. Shocked, I placed my hand over the picture and pressed the back button as quickly as I could while closing my gaping mouth. It was not something I wanted to see neither did I think Twitter would allow such a photo as a profile pic. I’m glad I acted instinctively and did not linger.

Reading pleasure

I wanted to read the novel, A Daughter for Julia in two non-consecutive 30 minute periods yesterday, but I did not. Instead I researched snake anatomy and read a chapter or two of a book on the Celts which I picked up from the post office yesterday. So, I spent some time reading about the druids and their kings and chiefs. The author compares Celtic society to Indian society (from the Indian Peninsula in Asia) drawing a lot of parallels between the two cultures based on the etymology of Celtic words. Surprisingly, the roots of Celtic words have a lot in common with Sanskrit.

The rest of the day I spent reading through articles for my thesis and watching movies on TV.

A word on writing

While studying, i.e. reading articles for my thesis, I asked myself the question I had asked numerous times before: do I see myself doing this (writing) for the next 10 to 20 years? The answer that came from within was an emphatic ‘yes’. There was a self-assurance to the answer that had not been there before. When I began my studies in science I knew that I did not want to be a scientist forever. The image of being cooped up in a lab for 16-20 hours did not appeal to me. With writing I can plan, dream, daydream, feel free to ask for help, set goals and work towards them and, by God’s grace, inspire and encourage others. And that is what life is all about to me–using your talents to give God glory and encourage others in the process. All done with a self-reliance that this is what I’m meant to do.

There is the perspective that I’m lingering in my comfort zone. We hear so much about getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks and whatnot. Then, there are people like Marcus Buckingham who advise you to play to your strengths which in effect is sticking to your comfort zone. And yes, playing to your strengths does offer you a lot of room for growth, but true character is shown in how you manage your weaknesses. This build resilience and fits you for leadership because of the multitude of tools and coping mechanisms that adverse circumstances (e.g. exposure of your weaknesses) adds to your toolbox.

So, yes, writing might be my comfort zone–my strength–but descriptive writing, especially describing action scenes, is a weakness that I am prepared to master. One could also say that the lab or an academic institution is my comfort zone because I’ve been in school for more than 16 years. And to be honest I don’t care whether I’m in my comfort zone or not, as long as I reach the goals I set and help others along the way, ever learning in the school of Christ.

There remains one risk that I have to take. There’s one thing that I’m very afraid of and yet I need to experience it: dating and break ups. To be a writer of good fiction I need experience in the dating scene and break ups. So, when this year of porn recovery is done that will be my goal. I will embark on the dating scene, of romantic interaction with the fairer sex, with the aim of settling down (and gaining experience). But we’ll see how all of this plays out. It’s no use building castles in the air when the reality very different.

Your thoughts

So, what are your goals, wishes, and dreams as writers, musoes and creators? What do you wish to accomplish with your art?


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