Winds of Change: 360-356 Days To Go

Today (356 DTG (days to go)) I finished an article for next month’s update/edition of the website I write for. It wasn’t one of my best because I tried to find information on the link between two conditions in the scientific literature but found conflicting results. I am also under a lot pressure at work because I’m heading back to the lab next month. But I finished the first draft of the article.

Thought control

I also struggled to keep my thoughts under control as they tried to run off to start a new story about dragons, magic and the human descendants of those dragons who control the elements. My inspiration for this story, or this world I tried to invent, came from the research I did for a sculpture I will make.

The golden thread of truth

I also made the mistake of reading about Greek mythology. As much as I tried to find some coherency, some morality, some semblance of truth, or the golden thread of truth, I just couldn’t find any. Take the story of Arachne and Athena, for example. Arachne, Athena’s best student in her weaving school, became conceited. She boasted that she weaved better than the goddess. So, the gods arranged a contest in which the two could weave a tapestry on any theme. Athena wove about beauty, I think, while Arachne chose the gods’ sexcapades. Infuriated by Arachne’s choice of topic, Athena transformed her into a giant spider. Now my question is, why the double standard? Why be angry at a mortal for showing the rest of the gods what everyone knows to be “true”? Why not hold the gods responsible for their mistakes, if they are mistakes? Why are their gods so petty, envious, short tempered, mischievous, lecherous, debauched, cruel, etc.? Aren’t they supposed to be better than humans?

So, throughout the past couple of days, I’ve been reading about dragons, Greek/Roman dragons and the myths that surround them as well as their morphology and anatomy. (You now have a clue of one of the components of the sculpture I will make.)

A Daughter for Julia

In desperation to change the kind of stories I think up, I decided to spend 30 minutes every day reading a novel. Everything else I read is non-fiction or research based. So, today I began reading A Daughter for Julia by Netta Muskett.

On the porn front

On the porn front things are going well. The desire to look at pictures of naked people surfaced today and yesterday as I stressed about my work, the upcoming church youth camp, and the mini-campaign/prayer meeting series that follows the camp. To take a break from writing or just to clear my head, I performed some Flickr searches on bodies of water (waterfalls and lakes) and the activities surround them (swimming, jumping, diving, not bathing or showering), saw some dubious pics which I skipped passed them as quickly as I could.

On Sunday (359 DTG) I had a wet dream. (For those of you who have recently discovered my blog, I record the wet dreams I have to see how circumstances (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, sexual and environmental) affect their frequency.)

So, things are going well. My relationship with God is good and He is helping me with my career and otherwise. Knowing that Frank (not his real name), my accountability partner, is rooting for me means a lot.

Seeking discipline

Right now, I’m trying to be more disciplined with stuff by making work now, play later my motto. I started today and it was tough! But, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither does discipline. Or as I like to say, “Something that’s ‘worth the effort’ doesn’t come without effort.”

Strange as it may sound, I think I have to win my trust first that there will be “play time” before I’m into a disciplined lifestyle with all my heart and soul. Therefore, I have introduced little “rituals” into my life such as brushing my teeth every night, moisturising my skin, spending time with God at the same time every night, getting a full night’s rest, reading a part of a novel for 30 minutes everyday when I get home, etc. I tried to make myself more disciplined a couple of years ago but failed quite dismally. I even made a chart, laminated it and recorded my faithfulness. Somehow it was easier to be disciplined in school.

So, that sums up the past few days for me. Hope you have a GREAT Easter weekend! Mine starts tomorrow after work.


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