Winds of Change: Days 202-205

Today (day 205) I devote to writing my thesis. It’s a bit intimidating but as I said before, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” I wonder from which movie that quote comes?

Yesterday I just took it easy. I needed to rest. I read a little about Judaism’s thoughts on trees but I didn’t go too deep into since I plan on studying the subject in the Bible myself.

The youth had a Coffee Bar on Friday at a prayer room in one of the near lying suburbs. It was a wonderful experience. The room had a keyboard, congas, a jembi, two small drums that are part of the conga family, chimes, a tube filled with shells which sounded like the sea when you moved it, and a maraka. Prayer requests, Bible verses, and the Names of God lined the walls. We sang and gave a short testimony based on words that were scribbled on a balloon dog. I had a fun time playing the jembi.

At work, we had a farewell tea for my boss on Friday. Her contract finishes tomorrow. The conversation mostly revolved around Tim Noakes and the evolution of computers. I could do much work on Friday. I printed some articles and tried to work on my literature review. I planned on going on study leave in three week’s time, but my boss wouldn’t allow me to. “You have too much work,” she said, which is true, but I have obligations and experiments to finish.

I went on a partial media blackout with regards to the youth this week.

On Thursday morning I had two wet dreams, looked pics of Greece, and read about people’s massage experiences in South Korea.

Actually, I’ve been reading about people’s South Korean and Thai massage experiences these past couple of days. It’s been fun. What I noticed was that people either describe a massage in terms of pain (or torture) or sex. The latter kind of stories I avoid. I guess people associate massage with sex because of the nudity and the intimacy involved while massage is associated with torture because of all the stretching, muscle manipulation, pressure, kneading, use of elbows and feet, involved. It can be torturous depending on the massage style the licenced massage therapist uses, your pain threshold and the soreness of your muscles. Fortunately, I don’t mind the pain of having an elbow dig into my back or calf because I know it’s for a good purpose.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run. My thesis is calling. May you have an awesome day!


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