Winds of Change: Days 198-201

This is just a quick update.

The last article for next month’s edition of my work’s publication, I finished and submitted today. A lot of prayer went into it as I asked God to use me and write it through me. I was on the fringes of the creative zone as a result. My focus was superawesome these past few days as I blocked out everything and just focused on the task at hand: finish article #3 so that I can finish my literature review.

While I waited for my boss to send back the edits of the article, I browsed through some photos on My search led me to Greece which I remembered had some nude beaches. The beauty of the Mediterranian Sea as it hugged the Aegian coast amazed me. The azure sea contrasted with or complimented by the white rocks was beautiful. I saw some pics of topless women but my gaze didn’t linger. Seeing them was not my purpose. The desire to travel along the Aegian coast was born in me today.

My desire to get a glimpse of Greece was most probably spurred on by the two Hercules movies that will be released in July this year. Greek mythology always interested me even though I found the lack of morality among their gods appalling and the inconsistencies atrocious. Some stories do try to explain their observations of the universe prior to the invention of geometry and algebra which gave us: x + y = z. Before it was Aphrodite + Aries = Eros and other combinations.

I read a couple of chapters from Sarah O’Reilly’s book, How To Be A Writer. I found it very insightful because it explains the writing industry as opposed to the writing process. What I realised was that I needed career guidance because I don’t know much about what I want to do. All I know is that (1) I want to earn enough money to at least maintain my current lifestyle and (2) that I want to write (anything).

My second last shipment of sculpture tools should arrive any day now. I’m so excited. I had some doubts last night as I thought about what makes something art. My fear is that I will want to create sculpture that copy nature perfectly driven by my now somewhat dormant perfectionism and intermittently active inner critic. I’m afraid of becoming too pedantic thereby stifling my desire to sculpt. But these are fears I will just have to face. One can only learn. I’ve invested too much in sculpting already to turn back now. I knew that when I committed myself to sculpting with clay. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a good, if not great, sculptor one day? Maybe I even have some talent? The only way to find out is to sculpt, to dabble and commit.

For what it’s worth, I had a wet dream this morning. I cannot remember the dream though.


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