Winds of Change: Day 193

This post records yesterday’s events (day 193).

Today I submitted one of the three articles for this month and felt quite relieved. It opened up the way for me to focus on the topic for my other two articles for work and to get my mindset right to finish my literature review which is overdue and stressing me out.

Art books

The two art books I ordered are on their way and should arrive tomorrow. I’m having them couriered. The one book is on modeling the human figure in clay with anatomical instructions and the other describes tree anatomy for painters. I also did some reading during my study breaks tonight on tree aesthetics and stumbled onto the world of bonsai, in the process. When I was a child, I wanted to practice bonsai. I took out books from the library on the subject. It’s an interestingly pleasing coincidence that I would think to employ some of bonsai’s aesthetic and stylistic principles in the sculptures I will make.

Scramble to Ramble

I entitled yesterday’s Winds of Change post Winds of Change: Days 188-192 part 1 with the aim of doing a sequel. But, I have since decided that part 2 of that post should be a stand alone Ramble because in it, I will share my thoughts on the positive psychology movement and I didn’t want to rush publishing a kernel when I could have given you an ear of corn. So, watch out for that post in the near future.

Feeding the sheep

Tomorrow I will conduct the prayer meeting at my church. Preparing for it was easy because I drew on study material from my private, personal devotions. On previous occasions I found it very hard to prepare messages because I neglected studying the Bible for my own edification. I mostly studied it for teaching others. So, this time when the call came it was easier because I was filled with material that mattered to me and will matter to others. (If that makes sense.) This made me realise the importance of studying the Bible for one’s own edification. This is a cliche but it’s no less true: you can’t give that which you don’t have. So, I’m happy.

On the porn front

I had some impure thoughts today as I read some material for the background research I did for the two remaining articles.


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