Winds of Change: Day 181

Today’s post will be very short because I’m very tired and not so stressed anymore.

I had a wet dream this morning. The dream was strange and non-sexual. I’m tempted to describe the dream but I won’t. What’s the use? Suffice it to say, I was pleased with the result.

At work I was tired and stressed; tired because I had taken two painkiller last night and stressed because I had to call a bunch of people for a mini-campaign my youth group will be doing. I had to ask people to speak or present pre-written programmes, speak to the youth elder (not a pastor, by the way) and submit announcements for the church bulletin. In addition to these, I had to find an angle for the two article that I must write for next month’s issue, work on my thesis, and fight fatigue.

For the life of me, I just could not seem to bring myself to do background reading for the two work articles. So, I chose to read on an emerging new science, Implementation Science, and on how to use and interpret systematic reviews. I found these topics very interesting and could definitely use them in the future.

One of the big bosses at my work asked me to tutor their daughter in chemistry I. I agreed to it but later asked her to wait until tomorrow for a more definite answer from me. The tutoring sessions will have to happen outside of office hours. I already contacted a friend of mine who studies at the girl’s university in the chemistry department to ask him for their syllabus and some notes on their Chemistry I course.

The post ends here. I have go and work now.


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