Dream Time

A while back I ran a poll asking you, my dear readers, what I should do with a list of my dreams. The options were (1) burn it, (2) keep it, (3) place it in a bottle and throw it into the sea, (4) share it on WordPress, and (5) throw it away. One person voted for the message-in-a-bottle option while two voted for sharing it on WordPress. And that is exactly what I will do now.

Please note that I am a little candid here about stuff.



Love Him with all my heart
Help others connect with Him
Possess the character traits of Christ
Bring glory to God with everything I do

Marry and have kids
Honeymoon on a remote island in the Seychelles
Have sex on a beach
Home with outdoor shower overlooking a beautiful garden with the mountain as my backyard
Marry a woman with whom I can be myself and who is comfortable with good nudity
Have a close relationship with my children and wife
Own a car
Own a house in the suburbs and a small holding outside the city near or in the mountains
Build things with my children
Raise my children to be confident, principled, loving, Christian men and women

Nature & Travel
Swim in waterfall rock pool
Complete the Appalachian Trail, USA
Hike in the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa
Walk naked on a secluded beach
Visit a South Korean public bath house
Travel to the USA, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain
Do Route 66 in the USA
Holiday for a week in a Canadian mountain cabin
Bungee jump
Scuba dive
Holiday near a lake, waterfall and private beach

Create art that make people think and do introspection
Create art that are funny, quirky, dorky, and ingenius
Use poetry, photography, sculpting and writing as artistic mediums

Be a successful, widely published Christian author
Be a well-paid, world-renowned science journalist
Be a great leader
Obtain my driver’s licence

Church & Society
Have open home where people (visitors, friends, family, church family) can lunch with us after church
Help young people make good choices
Be a good role model and mentor
Help people from all walks of life

My Creed
It’s the same as St. Paul’s: “I am made all things to all men, that I by all means might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22b KJV).


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