Winds of Change: Days 161-162

For lack of time and overwhelming fatigue, I couldn’t post these past two days even though I wanted to. So, following are the entries for Days 164 and 165 of my porn recovery journey.

Please note that this post contains some mature content.

Day 162

The church youth leader training workshops I attended today were very interesting and exciting. Not everyone on the team (my local youth executive committee) could attend. But those who came enjoyed the sessions. There some hiccups that upset some of us though like the shortage of conference packs (writing pad, schedule, DVD with manuals and other materials).

I know that I learned a lot. I attended training for working with the 16-21 years age group while the others attended training for the 22-35 years age group. I heard most of the info on adolescent psychological and spiritual development at the international conference I attended last year. Yet it was good to hear the information repeated and contextualised to my country.

On the porn front

I could sleep well last night because my mind was too busy processing the programme we hosted and gave at church earlier that evening. So I was quite surprised when I felt myself having a wet dream. It was completely unexpected even though I had asked the Lord for one right before I got into bed.

Day 161

On the porn front

It was unexpected and welcome because I had wet dream in the morning of Day 164. This one was the same as the one I had on Sunday where I woke up to find my hand wrapped around my penis. The wet dream I had on Day 165 was a “pure” wet dream with no “compromising” circumstances. You can imagine how happy I was with this wealth of wet dreams God blessed me with.

Off the porn front

My co-worker took the day off so I was alone in the office at work. My focus was much sharper. To help me stay focused I decided to stay away from Flickr for two weeks. I found that Flickr distracted me too much.

The programme we gave at church was great. We received quite a number of compliments which I praise God for. A lot of prayer and thought went into it. We had some trouble with the key to the front door of the church. Our (youth) elder who was responsible for the keys did not organise a front door key even though he knew that his set doesn’t have it. We were quite upset. The programme started and hour and a half later than what it was supposed to. We had to cut out some parts of our jam packed programme so that it could end by 10:30pm. I only got home at 11:00pm and into bed at 12:00am. I stayed up for another hour as I researched some stuff for a sculpture I plan to make.


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