Winds of Change: Days 159-160

Following are the entries for yesterday (Thursday) and the day before (Wednesday).

My sculpture book came today (Day 160)! Nothing could wipe the smile off my face when I saw the package in the car as my sister and I went to church for a rehearsal. I opened the package as soon as I saw it. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a book on wax and plaster sculpting written by Robert McDermot Miller entitled Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster. The sculpture forums I consulted all said that this was the book to get for beginner sculptors and it is. He explains the process of sculpting from A to Z in very simple terms with figures.

It was quite turn around for me emotionally since my day started in dismay. I woke up again to find myself masturbating in my sleep. I didn’t get near to climaxing, but I really didn’t want to masturbate in my sleep.

I don’t know but ever since I read Ransom two weeks ago, I’ve been restless and unsettled.  When I got home this evening, I went on my knees and begged God to help me and to remove this–for lack of a better word–miasma from me and to fill me with His Spirit. Almost immediately the cloud that fogged up my mind and made me incapable of conceptualising (future) sculptures left. It was like the warmth that you feel on your skin when the sun is not hidden by clouds anymore. I was free to be myself in God again.

My boss and a senior colleague helped me find a topic for one of the three articles/target audiences I must write. So the topics of all three articles are sorted.

Yesterday (Day 159) was uneventful emotionally. I am now a registered student at my university. The whole day was spent on processing my data to check their quality. I didn’t finish so I will have to go in next Sunday–not Sunday coming. My brain was fried from all the thinking I did. I am grateful to my professor for helping me with the registration process.


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