Winds of Change: Day 152

New Theme

What do you think about the new theme? I kind of like it. But, I’m thinking of changing it because the theme interferes with the formatting HTML tags I prefer to use (<b> and <i> vs <strong> and <em>). The paragraph spacing is messed up too.

On the porn front

Today I collected more photos on Flickr and discovered that my desire to see or collect tasteful skinny dipping pictures like the ones in 10 Flickr Favourites (link will be added later) is born out of a longing for waking up in a mountain cottage, cabin, or house far removed from the noise and constrictions of the city. I’ve since asked God to provide me with such a house. I don’t care when I’ll buy it, whether it’s before or after I meet my (future) wife.

So, I did come across pictures of naked people, but I didn’t dwell on them, create fantasies from them, or lingered with the intention to objectify them. As soon as I layed eyes on them, I skipped passed them and didn’t look back. I wasn’t willing to jeopardise my porn recovery. It means too much to me.

Solo Retreat

I already found the place I would like to go to for my Solo Retreat next year. The only problem is: it’s about 2 hours away and my parents will have a problem with me travelling so far especially since I will get my driver’s licence in the second half of the year. But we’ll see how things work out.


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