10 Flickr Favourites

I said in a previous post that I will share some of my Flickr Favourites with all of you. This is just a fraction of the pics I like(d). One of the main reasons why I like these photos is because I would like to create such photographs. The photos are in no particular order.

1. Wet Court by Chris Morley
Wet Court
I love reflections and this photo captures it well. The tennis ball is at home on the tennis court. That’s where it belongs. The sky reflecting on the surface of the wet tennis court tells me that the ball and court are part of something bigger. They are but a minute part of infinity.

2. Danbo Gets Wet by Sheng Han
210/365: Danbo Gets Wet
Too cute! The creators of Danbo should look into making a stop motion animation series. I would like to follow the adventures of Danbo and what he discovers about the world.

3. Skinny Dip by Graham
Skinny Dip
One of my favourite things to do. Although the subject is nude, there is no emphasis on this. There is no sign of this. He blends in well with the scene adding to the calm instead of detracting from it.

4. Morning – Common Loon – Wilson Lake, Quebec by Jim Cumming
Morning - Common Loon - Wilson Lake, Quebec
Birds, water, mist, sunrise, golden light. What isn’t there to like about this photo? It speaks of tranquility–the awakening of the day.

5. Chinese Calligrphy 5 by Aesthetic Freak
Chinese calligrphy 5
I love the finese and intricacies of Chinese art and the beauty of their calligraphy. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the character is in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

6. Sandy Hook Beach, NJ by Karan Kauchhur
Sandy Hook Beach, NJ
A very dramatic photo. It’s a very rare display.

7. Old McBride Homestead by Ron Worobec
Old McBride Homestead
Classic. It’s a good subject for an acrylic painting.

8. Hot Springs Zen by The Natural Wonders Gallery
Hot Springs Zen
A very funny picture.

9. Freedom by Caitlin Pop
This photo captures what it feels like to be free in nature so powerfully. The serenity, tranquility, beauty, and freedom of nature are all there. The woman in the photo is free to be herself. I actually came across the photo in my pornography viewing days and it immediately calmed me down. When I got back on Flickr.com I did my best to find it and add it to my list of favourites. It’s a really beautiful photo.

10. Change of Plans by Mario Houben
Change Of Plans
I love the colours: the blue, gray, gold, yellow, green, black and white. The sky is striking.


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