Winds of Change: Days 147-148

Thinking Twice

I had a massive wet dream last night! It’s been six weeks. I thank God for finally answering my prayers. I can’t remember the dream but just knowing (and seeing) that I had a wet dream is enough for me.

Last night I did what I said I wouldn’t do anymore: I stood naked by the window in the early hours of the morning. All I could think of was my promise to stand there with a shorts on. So, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I left the window and got back into bed where I prayed that God would forgive me for breaking my promise. I am sorry for what I did. Nonetheless, I now know how deep the promise is. If it wasn’t deep, then I would not have thought about it when I broke the promise. So, now I know and I will not break the promise again unless I’m inebriated which is not likely to happen since I don’t drink alcohol.

Week’s End

Yesterday (Day 147) I was so happy that it was Friday. The week was challenging, but I got through it by God’s grace.

My editor is please with the second article I submitted. She said that it was a great piece of work. I hope our readers think so too and will respond to the discussion questions. I thank God for helping me write the two articles.

Youth meeting

The youth executive committee (youth exec) met with our elder today. The meeting went well and we established a good rapport with him. There were some instances when he tended to be derogatory but we overlooked them. People aren’t perfect. But it was a good meeting.

We basically discussed our year plan and established channels of communication. In previous years, the church’s head elder was the youth elder too so there was a direct line of communication. He shared his vision with us and vice versa.

My uncle, an excellent leader, agreed to mentor me. We will meet in two week’s time to chat over a cup of tea. I’m excited!

A one night stand

Tonight I will read a novel which I’ve been longing to read for a whole year. I did not read it because I had some reservations. But now that those have been cleared up, I will dig into it. Ransom is its name. It’s not an English novel nor does it have sex scenes and stuff like a Danielle Steel, a Sydney Sheldon, or a John Long novel.

The reason I decided to read it now is similar to a stag party. It’s my last night free before I immerse myself in writing my thesis’ literature review and read up on it. So, wish me luck!


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