Winds of Change: Days 137-140

I can’t believe it’s almost been 5 months! Time really does fly!

These past four days saw me working on my articles non-stop. The article I submitted to my editor came back with notes on adding more information which I had to search for and read through. My second article I am still busy with. I had hoped to have it done by today (Day 140) but last night’s meeting with the youth executive committee took up a lot of time. When got home, I ate, read and started to drift off to sleep. That’s when I decided to get some shut eye. It was quite a struggle to get out of bed, but I finally managed it at 3:00 AM. I read through more articles at for an hour and a half. I then slept from 4:30 to 6:00 AM because my head felt too heavy.

One of the things my second article will deal with is male medical circumcision. In order to understand the comparisons that were made between the non-surgical and surgical methods I had to read up a little on the surgical methods. This had me see some pictures of people’s penises which I did not find erotic in the least. But, I was afraid that I might. This is TMI: I ended up comparing myself to some of the cuts and wondered, Is there a way to visually determine which surgical method was used to remove your foreskin?

Overall, I did well with the image searches. The mental erections still come and go but my work and responsibilities with the church youth keep me busy.

My conversation with Frank, my accountability partner, was very short yesterday since not much happened on the porn front. I will do my best to finish Restoring Your Sexuality Back to Biblical Foundations this weekend. It’s the weekend of my Solo Retreat!

I’ve gotta get back to reading now. May you have an AWESOME weekend!


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