Winds of Change: Days 123-126

These past couple of days were really draining mentally, physically and spiritually. Many times I wanted to write about my experiences but I did not know where to begin. I did not have earth shattering experiences. However, my stance on nudity changed a bit.

To begin with, I have given up the practice of standing naked by the window even though my lower body is hidden from passerby on the street below. Something happened to make me change my mind, but I do not feel free to share it on the Net. My accountability partner knows about it as does a friend of mine. I have resolved to wear a shorts, at least, when I look out of my bedroom window in the middle of the night because people might just think that I am a flasher, which I am not.

I also had an unsettling experience when I got a massage the other day which led me to question my massage therapist’s intentions. When I go to her next time I will be sure to discuss the issue with her. It’s not as bad as it sounds. The boundary of draping was crossed; a boundary I thought we were clear on.

I learned more about wax sculptures and I now have a clearer picture of what kind of sculptures I would like to make. I’ve already started to plan when I will buy certain equipment. A part of me wishes that I could buy all the equipment at once. But I have to pace myself. I will be more appreciative of them if I buy acquire them over a long period of time. This strategy also seals my commitment to the art form.

On the porn front

On the porn front my thoughts have not been the purest because of the events of the past couple of days and of the work stress I experienced. I have to write two articles based on a 200 page report. The articles are due next week Friday. Additionally, I had to edit and submit two of the seven programmes we recorded last year. The seventh must still be edited!

So, although things are hectic at work, I know that the Lord will see me through.

I must say that I had a spontaneous ejaculation of sorts and a severe case of blue balls after my massage. I had severe groin pain as well which brought on the blue balls. The pain I medicated with Voltaren(TM), Sancoden, a warm bath and a hot water bottle. These measures helped and I would have slept like a baby if it hadn’t been for the light bed covering.
The following night I put a blanket over the comforter to add weight and warmth. This made me sleep like a log.


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