Winds of Change: Day 122

A Series of Events

Last night I got little sleep because of Suits season 1 that replayed in my head and the way that season ended.

It was great to be at work today. I caught up on my colleague’s lives. Not everyone is back from holiday though. My boss, a senior staff member and our department’s secretary are all still on holiday.

I finished The Radical Prayer this morning and began reading Dough Batchelor’s Who do you think you are? which deals with our identity in Christ. My accountability always talks to me about claiming my identity in Christ. I expect the Lord to use the book to point and weed out the doubts and false beliefs that crippling my faith.

A Wax Job

I don’t know what’s up with me. I rummaged through my prop/component storage box on Sunday because my dad wanted to know what the box held. In the process, I picked up my set of clay sculpture tools. This reminded me of my goal to buy a wax tool set for detail work. It also sparked a train of thought that now has me thinking that it will be wiser to leave sculpting clay for the distant future (when I have more money and my own place) and focus on wax sculptures.

Wax as a sculpture medium is easy on the pocket, renewable (as are some types of clay), and less messy. It does come with a fire hazard though because one need to use alcohol or some other means to heat the carving tools.

For some reason, I like working with my hands. I’m not a technical guy but when it comes to self-expression through art I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. As a kid I dreamed of making candles. It was truly my passion until Spanish came along. But we never had the money to buy the paraffin wax. And when my dad’s cousin told me that I could melt and remould candles, I was elated. But somehow I never got around to doing it. I don’t know the reason why. I guess it’s because I didn’t have the confidence of melting the wax in a homemade double boiler. My parents might’ve discouraged me too.

My dad and I weren’t close back then so I never thought of asking him to help me. I was also stubborn and proud which I still am–most of the time. I was also afraid of working with a double boiler and that my mom would disapprove out of fear.

But I have nothing to fear. I’m a scientist! I’ve worked with hazardous and flammable liquids and material before. I know my way around the “kitchen”. That is the argument I will use to defend my decision against my parents who can be a little too over-protective sometimes. I’m already thinking on safety precautions I can take with the flammable materials and liquids I will use for my creations.

Despite all this enthusiasm I will not begin sculpting today, not because I don’t have all the essential tools (even though that is an important point) but because I want to finish my thesis first. I wouldn’t mind doing small projects though.


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