Winds of Change: Days 118-119

This post has a strong spiritual emphasis as I experienced the promptings of the Holy Spirit today and yesterday.

Full Circle

Yesterday I started on the assignment for chapter 10 in Restoring Your Sexuality Back to Biblical Foundations. The first part of the assignment of chapter 10, entitled “Breakdown Strongholds”, deals with unforgiveness. The assignment requires me to ask God who I need to forgive. The task was difficult. After a while the thought occurred to me to work through one of the four books on (for lack of a better word) revival, but I didn’t know which book to start with.

Now this morning four of my friends (namely, Sally, Simon, Nina and Sera), with whom I attended a youth conference last year, and I met with Simon and Nina’s uncle who is a pastor. We met to learn more about health evangelism and to ask his help in forming plans for 2014. What was supposed to be an hour long meeting became a three hour long meeting. He gave pointers for the vision and mission statements of the two organisations we are running. He also convinced my four friends to stay on as the youth executive committee of our local church.

Our discussion dwelt on inreach and outreach efforts. We spent a considerable amount of time on inreach and giving him background. He gave some good advice after hearing our misgivings, frustrations, joys, and elations.

For inreach he emphasised the importance of earnest, sincere prayer and asking for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, in our church, in the community where the church is located as well as the city we want to reach with our second organisation. He advised us to work through among others: The Radical Prayer by Derek Morris, Revive Us Again and 10 Days in the Upper Room both by Mark Finley. These were three of the four books I had on my revival reading list.

Still not knowing which book to read first, I spoke to Sally to get more clarity. The conversation with the pastor left me with the impression that I had to read all of those books while working through Restoring Your Sexuality Back to Biblical Foundations. At the end of my conversation with Sally I was still unsure. So, I just decided to go with the book I obtained first The Radical Prayer. Sera, my sister, gave it to me in December 2012. It laid on my shelf ever since. I was afraid to read it because the Lord might just convict me to give up nudism and other immoral things I like to do.

So, I told God that I can’t put it off any longer. To use a cliché, it’s now or never. That’s why I finished reading the book’s introduction tonight.

The Poll

Furthermore, I saw that only two people voted in the poll. Thank you! However, we need someone to decide what I should do with the list of my dreams since the two chose two different options. The one chose “Share it on WordPress” and the other chose “Place in bottle and cast it into the ocean”. So, will you please vote? The poll will close on Wednesday, 08 January 2014. Please vote before then.


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