Winds of Change: Days 115-117

Looking back

The New Year has officially been ushered in all over the Earth. One thing that stands out for me like a sore thumb as I look back at 2013 is the amount of people who’ve been laid to rest. We saw the death of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Margeret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, and many others. Death even touched my family as we bid farewell to my aunt.

I experienced many deaths last year too. I had to give up my pride by seeking help with my porn addiction. And am I not glad I did it! My ties with nudism also died last year. It was a titanic struggle because I like being naked for no apparent reason. I died many other deaths too but these two are the most significant in my opinion.

The past three days saw me spending time with family as we barbequed, watched TV, played games, ate and swam. We played The Settlers of Catan&#174 which I seem to be getting better at. I’m pleased with the last three-player game we played tonight. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Traders & Barbarians expansion pack.

On the porn front

On the porn front things are going well. I don’t have much to say.

I’m really looking forward to 2014. I don’t know what the year holds but I do know that I will graduate at the end of the year and that it will be awesome. I will face a lot of trials but I know that the Lord will carry me through.


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