Winds of Change: Days 111-113

I’m finding it very difficult to blog during the festive season because so much is happening. I find my sleeping schedule to be irregular: going to bed late at night and struggling to be awake enough to pray in the morning. Don’t let me get started on my diet! But all in all it’s been good.

We had a small family gathering today. It was basically the same group that met on Christmas afternoon. It was fun.

One of a kind

On Friday (Day 112) I bought a book by Nathan Jendrick entitled Gym-free and ripped: Weight-free workouts that build and sculpt. It’s the ultimate weight-free body building exercise book, in my opinion. It’s what I’ve been looking for all along. Jendrick teaches you the how’s and the why’s of body weight training. So far I only skimmed through the book and began reading the first couple of paragraphs of chapter 1.

I have always dreamed of doing body weight exercises since I’m not much of a gym person. I feel out of place and am extremely self-conscious in a gym. That said, I would still like to be an active gym member who enjoys playing squash (a childhood dream), pilates and spinning. But, my main fitness focus goal is to exercise three to five times a week doing body weight exercises.

My reasons are:

  1. the Lord has made me a steward of my body (1 Corinthians 3:19-20; 6:18-20) and I have to take care of it
  2. (this one is nasty) if I don’t look after myself I will develop full blown gingivitis
  3. it’s part of the lifestyle I desire
  4. it’s for my own good.

However, for me to succeed in making exercise a lifestyle I need to be held accountable. I’m already saying to myself that I will be too busy in 2014 to exercise. Do you think starting a blog on my exercise journey is a good idea?

The simple Gospel

Today I watched a sermon where the preacher presented the Gospel in a very simple way. One thing he said struck me: the Gospel is not Christ forming a bridge between us and God which we have to cross over via the Cross as we escape from hell; no, the Gospel is Jesus entering the fires of hell and scooping each one of us individually into His arms to carry us back to the Father. Christ carries us over the bridge He created with His death to John Bunyan’s Celestial City. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

God is amazing! The speaker made an alter call and I went forward to rededicate myself to God for eternity.

Memorable sunset

The last Friday of 2013 also saw me and some friends of mine (I use the term loosely) worship God on a hilltop that overlooks the city. We sang some praise and worship choruses (think Don Moen and André Crouch) and spoke about how God revealed Himself to us throughout the past year. I was truly enriched by the stories they told.

On the porn front

On Thursday (Day 111) God answered my prayers for a wet dream. I woke up just before things erupted to find my hand in a precarious position. This made me doubt whether it was a wet dream or the result of masturbating my sleep. But I did not show any of the signs of masturbation. (There are signs, believe me.) So, I concluded that I had a wet dream! I was excited!


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