Winds of Change: Days 109-110


Today being Christmas and all, some acquaintances of mine decided to give food to the homeless in our area. Throughout this year they gave out soup to the homeless. So to make getting donations from shops easier they registered a non-governmental organisation. So for Christmas they decided to give food parcels to the homeless.

The meal was composed of rice, carrot salad, bean salad, coleslaw, a quarter chicken (thigh and drumstick), baby potatoes and roast potato wedges. Not all the meal parcels contained all of these. They also gave out dessert which was either cake or canned fruit and custard. 65 vegetable food parcels were handed out too. Some people donated shoes and clothes.

They gave out these supplies to people living under bridges, close to train stations, and a nearby shanty town where a fire had broken out and destroyed 1 500 houses yesterday (Day 109).

My sister and I helped prepare the parcels. My cousin, who plays an active role in the NGO, said that they were blessed. We used some of our local musicians to entertain the crowds while they queued for the parcels.

The afternoon saw my family and I visit my mom’s eldest sister’s home where some of our extended family gathered. My aunt appreciated the birthday photos I took. Everyone was pleased with pictures. I’m also pleased. I think they were the best series ever and I thank God for that since He is the one who helped me. I asked Him to help me take excellent photographs.

There was one aunt who wasn’t happy with there not being any photos of her. She complained and nagged. But we took it in good humour. When she asked me why I didn’t take a photo of her, I simply reminded her that she told me not to. Her nagging stopped. I also took myself out of the situation by watching Nora Roberts TV movies.

Day 109

I bought my parents’ Christmas presents today: books. And I bought a couple of books for myself at my church’s bookshop.

The rest of the day I edited my aunt’s 80th birthday pictures.

Porn-wise I had erections throughout the day in awkward situations. I wore jeans so they weren’t that prominent but I was still aware of them. I’ve been praying for wet dream just to take the edge off.


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