Winds of Change: Day 108

To celebrate my parents’ anniversary today we ate dinner at a steakhouse. My dad ordered a mixed grill which consisted of a sausage, two kinds of beef steak and oven baked chips (or fries, if you will). My mom ordered a steak with prego sauce and chips. My sister ordered lamb chops and chips while I ordered a biltong (South African-style jerky) and avocado topped steak with chips. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the cuts of the steaks were.

While my mom and dad went to a funeral this morning, my sister and I went to a bookshop on the church grounds. We bought some books there including our parents’ Christmas presents. The purchases I made for myself (not for my parents) were not fuelled by an need or emotional desire to have the books; they were bought because I wanted to add them to my book collection. And I bought them because I will analyse them for their style and content when I finally make time to read them.

This afternoon I stayed home when my family went shopping. I remained clothed the whole time they were out and watched two movies on TV. The first one was all about a shy boy learning to express himself while dealing the pressure from his cousin and the cousin’s friends to get laid. He eventually got laid an older woman after seeing the girl he liked getting it on with the girl’s ex.

This is going to sound a little bit out there: growing up one of my fantasies was getting laid by an older woman. So this story resonated with me a bit although I never had sex with an older woman before. I would never even attempt that because it’s morally wrong and society frowns upon it.

Sometimes I wonder whether my second cousin (where my mom and hers were cousins) didn’t molest me in some way. I like it when older women take me under their wing. Yet I’m always wary of the boundaries that prohibit any kind of indiscretion. Some older women I see as mothers, others as sisters or cousins and still others (for lack of a better expression) MILF. (I honestly detest that word.)

The other movie was about a woman who ran away from the law to solve the mystery of her husband’s murder and to clear her name.

Anyway, Christmas is almost here! I hope your preparations are coming along well for those of you who will celebrate Christmas. ¡Feliz Navidad!


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