Winds of Change: Days 106-107

Day 107

Today (day 107) was awesome. My family and I went to a concert this afternoon of one of the most famous groups from my country. The group sang their best hits. They had disbanded in the late 90’s so they didn’t sing any new songs. But, it was great being there with my parents and sister. (My dad’s home for the holidays.)

After the concert we made our way home picking up Disney’s Planes and Tyler Perry’s Peeples along the way which put a cherry on the proverbial cake.

Day 106: Resolution

For those of you who prayed, thank you. I have resolved to follow my conscience and quit aimlessly wandering around naked during the day and at night. This may seem strange to some of you and quite frankly I don’t expect all of you to understand, my readers.

Broadly speaking there are two kinds of nudity: functional and recreational nudity. The line between the two is not always clear but it does exist. Within each of these two categories, you find social and personal nudity as well as private and public. Generally, social and public nudity are synonymous but it is not always the case. Before I get swept away in my analysis, I will just say that I have chosen to only have purposeful, functional nudity in my life. By that I mean that being naked just for the sake of being naked isn’t a good enough reason. The nudity must serve a purpose, be transient in nature, or both.

Transient nudity is the kind you get in locker rooms, communal (open) showers, and in your room when you change clothes. Nude sunbathing and (gender segregated) saunas and spas where nudity is compulsory are examples of purposeful, functional nudity.

Although nude saunas and spas involve social and public nudity and are places of recreational nudity, they are not “open” spaces such as nude beaches, resorts or cruises where you might break the law of the land, impose your nudity on unwilling others, and shame yourself. When I will sunbathe nude, I will be sure to cover my “bits” so as not to controvert any moral or judicial law. Neither do I want to incur sunburn in that most sensitive of areas.

I am tempted to list all the possible places and situations I will or might be naked in. Not only will it bore you, but it is a waste of time. It’s best to only define the principles. I am also tempted to write an apology for (that is, defend) my stance, but what does it matter? Unless you want me to go into the intricacies of my belief, I won’t. (So if you want me to, contact me.)

The Season

The festive season is here! It’s my mom and dad’s anniversary tomorrow. But we will go to the funeral of one of our church member’s mother. What we will do afterwards, I do not know.

I wish you all save travels as you make your back home (if you are going home) for the holidays.

God bless and good night!


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