Winds of Change: Day 93

Last night I went to bed asking God to crown my awesome day with a wonderful wet dream. He gave me two. I’m tempted to go into detail about the physical–not the dream–events; a tendency reminiscent of the “no masturbation” forum I belonged to. And as much as I would like to, I won’t because it’s not acceptable. Let me just say that the second wet dream was extraordinary and had me wonder in amazement at how God answered my prayer. He answered it in the way I would’ve loved to experience the wet dream.

One of the questions I sought answers to today was how do nudist families handle the modesty that sets in at the onset of puberty? And the other question I had was How do nudist kids handle it the counter-cultural milieu of their home? as well as What are the advantages and disadvantages of raising your kids in a nudist or naturist home?

Now let me say this here, I don’t plan on raising a nudist family. I’m just intrigued by the nudist mindset or worldview if you will. From all my reading and questioning I’ve come to the understanding that there are three kinds of nudists. The first are the true nudists: those who fully subscribe to all nudist/naturist beliefs and have rejected the wearing of clothes (almost) completely.

The second class are the pseudo-nudists. This group of people who claim to be nudists and to adhere to the ideals of the lifestyle but they do not control or do not want to control their sexual impulses and desires. To them all “nudist” creeps, pedophiles, exhibitionists, voyeurs, and swingers belong.

There is another group which likes being naked for the sheer joy of it and the kind of freedom it gives you, like the true nudists. They subscribe to some–if not all–nudist beliefs, but aren’t serious about being lifestyle nudists. This group encompasses a whole spectrum of beliefs including mine.

I used the normal exclusion terms when I consulted Google: sex, orgy, porn, xxx, gay, pictures, erotica, etc. I don’t want to fill my mind with that filth.

Today I also processed my data. I do a final analysis tomorrow before I write my report which I want to hand in to my professor on Friday. Once that report is done, I have to finish another report for church on a conference I attended for them earlier this year. Then I will write a proposal about a show for one of my church’s TV channels. During this holiday I would like to refine the plot of a stop motion animation video I want to shoot in the future. Let me stop here before I get carried away and overwhelmed by all the things I have to do and want to do.


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