Winds of Change: Day 92

Wow! is the only way one can describe yesterday (Day 92). Our Bible study group met at the beach yesterday to study and discuss the crucifixion of Christ. We’re working through a commentary on the life of Jesus.

During the study a drunkard kept leering at the women in our group and attempted to sing some Gospel songs. But his words were off and somewhat blasphemous. He said a prayer asking God to make wine available on every one’s land so that we could all be drunk and happy. He irritated us. As our study drew to a close, two friends of our met up with us.

Everyone in the group was making fun of the man. He even introduced himself, told us where he sleeps (which was just behind the bathrooms in front of which were seated albeit 500m away) and asked us to leave food for him. My friends weren’t impressed.

He went to back to his shelter and continued to sing. Fed up, I asked the group to sing. We sang English choruses at first until we realised that they made no impression on the man. So, we sang all the choruses we knew in the other language we are fluent in. At this the man came closer and joined us in song. He even began to cry as we worshiped God.

His friend came to take him away but the man didn’t want to leave. After a while the friend joined us. He didn’t sing but valued the attention we gave them.

The friend, who grew up Baptist, lost his way. He got involved with the wrong crowd who led him to lose everything. The 60 year old man said that he is taking steps to turn his life around. He left the bad friends. Michael is the only one of that group that he mingles with. He said that he knows that he’s backslidden and knows that Christ has forgiven him and is forgiving him. “Living on the streets is difficult,” he said. “You go the night shelter and find that most of the beds are taken up by foreigners. You ask the people in charge about this and they say there’s nothing they can do. We, the citizens of this country, paid for the night shelters with our salaries and taxes, but look where we have to sleep: on the streets! Life is hard. Life is unfair! But I trust that God will lift me up out of my circumstances.”

He then asked us to keep them in our prayers. At this we went on our knees then and there and prayed with them. Michael then became a little too much with his leering and off hand sexual comments. So, Denzel, his 60 year old friend, took him away from us.

We packed up soon after this, gave them our snacks, put our things away and walked around the pavilion. We spoke, joked, laughed and wondered in amazement at the beautiful sunset. When the sun went down, we sang a chorus and said a prayer thanking God for the wonderful day He gave us.

We soon found ourselves in the city centre or central business district of the city (as we say here) eating Indian food. I ordered chicken tikka masala and naan, and got a bowl of basmati rice and lentil (dahl) soup with my order. The soup and rice I didn’t touch, but devoured the chicken and naan. I actually wanted a roti but they were out of stock. The company was wonderful.

We danced on the Indian music while seated on the table. I even did a Beyoncé move which had all of them cracking up with laughter.

We were so tired when we got home. I just prayed, checked my phone for updates, read up on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ history a little, and slept. I also asked God to give me a wet dream–a cherry on the cake if you will.

I thank God for the wonderful day with Him, family and friends, for the opportunity we had to minister to two of His sons, and for the opportunity I had to hear a summary of someone’s life story.


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