Winds of Change: Day 91

Today was a super awesome day. For one, the co-worker with whom I share an office briefly came into work so I had company. The reason she came was to attend our department/division/unit’s breaking-up party (or farewell lunch, if you will). We had it at a classy steak house. The food was great.

Then tonight my church’s youth group got together at the same beach we kicked the year off to thank God for carrying us through the year and for reflection. What made it great was the stories we shared of how God led us through the year and the confidence we expressed that He will lead us through 2014.

After the programme, we socialised a bit. I grabbed the opportunity to chat with a friend about how her journalism career and studies are going. She’s interning at one of my country’s leading magazines. She told me how unhappy she was in her job, how it drained her, and made her cry. I could identify with that because that’s how I feel in the lab in which I’m doing my master’s. Her work is administrative in nature, but she wants to write. That’s her passion. So, she quit her job and threw her CV or resumé in at a couple of news agencies. 2014 is a year of uncharted territory for her since she’s entering it jobless with six months left of the year her study programme assigned them for doing internships.

The conversation was really good. And I got to share some of what I’m doing at work and my love for writing. She also writes poetry, but only for herself.
Writing is awesome!

I thank God for an amazing day.


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