Winds of Change: Day 90

It’s day 90! I really can’t believe that I’ve made it thus far! Thank God.


This achievement is bitter-sweet as there still is a lot of work to do. It pains me to say this but I saw some women’s breasts while doing image searches on with the search terms chill out. I did this while taking a break from my work and out of mere curiosity to see what the search would deliver. I looked away from those pictures the moment I saw them. (SafeSearch had been activated.)

I’m not pleased with the image searches I do. And quite frankly I don’t know why I do them.

Another reason why I don’t feel so happy is because Frank and I haven’t spoken this week. He’s been awfully busy with work and stuff. We’ll only be able to talk next Monday.

A treat

I went for a massage today which I get every month. My regular licenced massage therapist went back home so the owner paired me with someone similar. The owner’s judgment was good. My new licenced massage therapist and I hit it off well.

The sperm post

I feel like I should apologise to you, dear reader, for the post entitled Dr Doe on Sperm. I realise that the post is offensive to some. It’s not my intention to make this a sex blog. I see this blog as a scrapbook of sorts filled with my musings and things I find interesting which I believe will be of interest to you.

So why did I share that video? Well, during my sojourn in the realm of instant sexual gratification and the role of sex in marriage, I found that many people have a misconception of their bodies and of their partner’s or spouse’s bodies, and attitudes. I found interesting and thought it to be applicable to those who are trying to get pregnant or who suspect their spouse or lover of being unfaithful. It also serves to aid the resolution of some of the misconceptions we have.

Our bodies are amazing. I cannot help but marvel at how God designed them to adapt to circumstances and mental impulses. The video is another example of the mind and body connection. (Here I am referring to how the percentage of fighter sperm in an ejaculate increases when the male suspects that his lover is unfaithful.) Even though the conclusions aren’t final, the evidence points in that direction. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

So, I thought that I would just apologise and explain my actions.


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