Winds of Change: Days 85-86

This entry summarises my weekend.

I had an awesome time with family and friends this weekend. It was my mom’s eldest sister’s 80th birthday yesterday. She asked me on  Friday night (Day 84) to be the official photographer. At first, I was reluctant to accept the honour, even suggesting that the son of my cousin (her niece) cover the event since he’s a graphic designer and takes good pictures. But, she asked me again yesterday (Day 85), so how could I refuse?

Not knowing what the venue looked like, I took most of my gear with, including my tripod, just in case I needed it. Well, it turned out that I did. We took a group photo of all my mom’s sisters, brothers and their spouses. When the cousins saw this they also wanted to have a picture of their own. Even though I photographed the other guests, the family photos really did it for me.

I’m grateful for the privilege I had of covering the event. The main reason I hesitated accepting the gig was because of lack of time for editing and lack of personal editing software. If I want to edit the photos I’ll have to do it at work. And because I didn’t want to edit the images, I only took them in JPEG format, not in RAW–a decision I regret.

Overall, the weekend was good. I plan on doing some nude sunbathing during my solo retreat so I looked for tips–mostly whether I should put sunblock on my genitals. I found some general sunbathing and nude sunbathing tips which I printed out. Now I know how to do it properly. A friend of mine who sunbathed nude also advised me to put some sunblock on my genitals. I used the usual exclusion terms “porn”, “xxx”, “sex”, “erotica” to filter out the unwanted content.

I also looked for gifts for my colleagues. It’s our farewell lunch on Friday. I only managed to buy gifts for three out of the four. Hopefully I’ll get a suitable gift for colleague #2 before Friday. I’m very picky when it comes to presents as I want to buy unique, memorable, and useful gifts. Wish me luck!


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