The Secret

This poem was inspired by today’s Daily Prompt. It’s slightly mature in nature and deals with the not-so-secret secret of men (and women).

Fingers rattle o’er the keyboard
As eyes peer at an almost white screen
As he unsheaths his sword
In salivation of what he’ll see.
His C-shaped body quivers in delight
At images that’ll give others a fright.
His lighted face squeals from pleasure
As he once more studies his treasure
That in a labyrinth he stored
As a dragon guards its hoard.
Fiendish smiles flit o’er his face
As slitted eyes on its gold fixates.
Sirens sing and beckon him in
Mesmerised his ship starts to sink.
His heart is put through its paces
As sirens guide him through exotic places.
Heart pounding
Bliss abounding
Hands besotted
Blood declotted
Almost that is . . .
Whir, screech, hum
Door closes with a thump
As shrieks of terror
Deprive him of his treasure
Not knowing where his hands to put
He scratches his head, his tongue all mute
Nowhere can he hide
As wife through weeping him chides
From the drain his blood now surges
up until it in flames emerges.
What transpired next we will not say
‘Tis best to leave it for Judgment Day
Suffice it though, the dragon was slain
As his bride the victory claims.

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4 thoughts on “The Secret

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