Winds of Change: Days 80-81

The end of this post deals with some mature subjects. You’ve been warned.


The actors for the podcast series were cast today. We start rehearsing and (hopefully) recording tomorrow. They are excited to be a part of something like this. I’m pleased with their enthusiasm.

I was stressed out today even feeling the tension in my muscles. To ease the tension I looked for pics of bodies of water on It didn’t help much. I prayed throughout the day though and a tired mind didn’t help me much either. The stress of today caused me to wake up throughout the night last night. That after a sleeping soundly on Sunday night.

Underwear Search

Yesterday and today I searched for cottages in remote locations where I (and maybe my wife/bride, if she is so inclined) can vacation at. I also searched to see whether that thong that I like is available in my country. It is but it’ll cost about USD 50. I searched for brands with similar styles as well, but that search was largely unsuccessful.

(I don’t want to write the following but since this is an accountability blog, I must be and so that you can have context.) All of the thongs I saw were designed for downward pointing penises. Wondering whether there were any thongs designed for men with the converse condition, I looked and I encountered some extreme stuff but I closed my eyes or closed the pic with my hand until I exited the page.

I don’t understand why men would want to wear such sheer, see-through stuff. Why don’t you just go commando? It appals me. Instead of letting this question jeopardise my purity any further, I will just ask it on a forum. Then I don’t have to filter out crap.

What’s interesting is that as I visit subjects from my past, I literally stop and ask myself: Do you really want to see what the rest of the page looks like? If the beginning looks like this, what will the rest look like? I would rather not know. How can I avoid exposing myself to objectionable content while looking for an answer to this question?


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