This poem was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

How close we are, or at least claim to be,
like two atoms bonded covalently.
The nuclear forces that oppose and attract
keep us together yet prevent our contact.
Back I step in the vastness of space
to take a look at your pretty face;
soon your black holes draw me in
gravity the fight against kinetics wins.
Hurtling through endless space
infinity beckons as we make haste.
Oxygen and carbon that’s who we are;
our tripartite love is ever strong
pulsing with the beat of Eternity:
giving, forgiving unselfishly.
Though our bond auspicious is
scavengers would break our monogamy.
Stay true my dove for our love is dated
may it leave the scavengers uncatered
for; and if indeed catastrophe should strike
May our nuclei fuse with cataclysmic might.

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