Winds of Change: Day 79

Today I mostly spent processing lab data and looking for stories written by former hotel housekeepers. I also had a wet dream this morning. The contents of the dreams I don’t remember anymore because it’s not important to me.

On Wednesday my professor will host a lab party at his house. I don’t know whether I should go. I’m ashamed at how lazy I’ve been. And I’m afraid that he will embarrass me in front of the other students and research fellows in our research group.

Right now I’m also a little scared or intimidated by the rebooting of the podcast series. What really unsettles me is the fact that my boss expected me to get on to recruiting new people for the two roles immediately after our conversation on Wednesday last week. I didn’t meet her expectation.

When we met on Friday she told me to set up a realistic schedule. I don’t know anything about setting up a realistic recording schedule. How do you set up a realistic recording schedule? All the schedules I’ve set up since returning home from teaching abroad have been unrealistic. I don’t know why. But, I will work on it this week. I must. I don’t have a choice. I trust that God will help me in this regard.

So,yeah, my day was pretty much uneventful . . .


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