Winds of Change: Day 76

Spotlight shines on fascination with skimpy underwear

I’ve been looking for this exact style of underwear ever since I first saw it in my first year at varsity (university). The first one of its kind that I saw was pink and had a velvety texture on sight. That was the time I went through my so-called “locker room” stage.

To be honest, I find men’s skimpy underwear daring. If I could buy such underwear in a normal department store I would. But you can only find them online and in adult shops. The former I am cautious of perusing and the latter I definitely won’t go to.

So, why did I search for the image on the Net? The answer is quite simple really. I want closure. This afternoon I wanted to search for some pictures of naked people or read about non-sexual activities done in the nude specifically skinny dipping. Searching for those things is out of the question though. The idea of searching for banana hammock underwear kept on presenting itself. So, I decided to go with it.

I did come across some dubious pictures–nothing “fleshy”. But those only strengthened my resolve to not look at sexually charged images (believe it or not). “Gay”, “adult”, “porn”, “sex”, “peephole”, “sheer”, “see through”, and “c thru” are terms that I excluded from my searches. I did search for “penis pouch thong string waistband” though. The terms were added as my purpose became clearer.

The longer I searched, the more I realised that I was actually searching for the featured thong. It was not about seeing men in skimpy underwear. I still wince at how some men torture themselves just to appear sexy. Some men, like some women, leave nothing for the imagination reducing themselves to their genitals only. I’ve been there though. I’m no better.

And although I wouldn’t be caught dead buying such underwear in a shop or for myself, receiving it as a gift from my (future) wife would be awesome. That’s the honest truth.

My fascination with men’s underwear started way before I was introduced to the internet. It began in the late ’90s. I don’t know whether it was because of browsing through a Playgirl magazine. This I did while in my aunt’s bathroom to seemingly take a dump (sorry for putting it so crudely). I planted the magazine in the bathroom window. My aunt lived and worked at a home for abused girls. One day while vacationing there, my cousin and I came across the magazine while taking our almost daily trip around the perimeter of the compound. It was lying outside one of the girl’s bedroom window. You can imagine how elated our porn infused hormone pumping brains were. During those early stages of puberty anything sexual was game.

I can’t even remember the content of the magazine (thank God for that!), but it sparked my fascination with nudism and question that dominates many a male’s mind, How does my erection measure up?

Back to the main story, so in the 7th grade (a year or two after finding that magazine) my parents bought me a pack of five briefs. I had the brilliant idea making “peephole” in one of them and, in another, of making a hole through which my balls can hang.

And that is where my fascination with men’s skimpy underwear started. When I became a freshman in varsity I entered what I call the “locker room stage”. This basically means that I looked at naked pictures of men (not the gay kind of porn) and their penises comparing mine to theirs and at skimpy men’s underwear–all on the Net. Porn about women was off limits because I didn’t want to lose respect for them. And besides I’m a man and men/boys compare themselves in locker rooms. I never played sports at school so I never had the opportunity to go through this rite of passage, I reasoned mistakenly.

Do I regret doing it? You bet. In fact, I completely regret being exposed to porn and masturbation. You can’t change the past but, by God’s grace, you can change the future.

So, I’m happy that I found my subconscious idea fixe (a type of recurring motif in music). Whenever I search for skimpy underwear I always end up searching for that article of clothing. It looks so comfortable and isn’t form enhancing. There is another reason why I like it, but I won’t talk about it here.

I hope that this will be the end of my underwear searches. I do have one question though. The question originates from a forum conversation I glimpsed: Are there thongs for upward pointing penises? 99% of thongs feature men whose penises point downward in the pouch.

And for those of you who don’t know what a banana hammock is: it’s any kind of brief (swim- or underwear), especially the skimpy kind, that fits male genitalia tightly.

I don’t think that I broke my purity resolution. The method I employed was unorthodox, but by God’s grace the search is over.


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