Winds of Change: Day 75

This post’s entry follows up on Dare to Chair and documents events and thoughts that took place yesterday, 20 November 2013.

My boss told me today that my colleagues (#1 and #2) will not be recording with me anymore. Colleague #1 had spoken to her earlier this morning expressing her unwillingness to do the podcast series. She just couldn’t identify with character. Colleague #2 will be out of office for three weeks as she attends a conference. So, my boss thought it best to tell me now that since the podcast series is aimed at a particular demographic group, it would be best to get people from that group to replace my colleagues.

I wasn’t angry nor was I surprised. I expected this happen. No, I wanted this to happen because colleague #1 told me two weeks ago that our boss was planning on replacing them. I even brought her up to speed on Monday to nudge her to confess her plans.

My colleagues are upset and relieved. They are upset because she took so long to officially tell us that their voices won’t be needed anymore and angry because she took so long and wasted our time. I was upset because she had the opportunity to tell me that I shouldn’t record more than one episode a day when I handed her the tentative recording schedule. Instead she told colleague #1 today and me when I saw her earlier. My colleagues said that that is how she is. She won’t tell you her grievance to your face. Instead she’ll go behind your back and tell your colleagues.

I’m also glad that she informed me about the change in plans; now, I can go to my aunt’s funeral tomorrow which I comtemplated not doing to meet Friday’s deadline.

We had a great laugh at how stressed out and angry we were. Colleague #2 told me that the situation angered her, not me, and that I don’t know her looks.

All I have to do now is:

  1. talk to my boss about the renumeration of the two new actors.
  2. audition people from work that speak English with the same accent as our target group.
  3. draw up a schedule that includes rehearsal and recording times.
  4. follow the schedule strictly.
  5. teach the actors what I know about acting.

The rest of the day I distilled the portions of Born to Blog that impressed me to their essence. I also began reading an article for my literature review. Where my natural Born to Blog blogging skill fits into the skills and personality traits I had previously identified was a subject I also contemplated. I’m satisfied with the Myers-Briggs Type writing style assignment that was done yesterday. It gives me a fuller picture of myself. Ultimately, we are many things to many people as we reveal different dimensions of ourselves to them. At the end of the day, I have to admit that only being a guardian or ISTJ is not fun. To see myself as only being an ISTJ is like seeing a dead person. There is little fun and not much creativity involved in being an ISTJ. I’m more than that as my blogs reveal. And no, I don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder either. C’est la vie.


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