My cousin just sent this to me.


Something new for you today

I set a new mountain before you today, says the Lord. Although it might come with new challenges, it also comes with new potential and the possibility for greatness. So as you experience pressures or change in your life, instead of becoming discouraged, praise me!

For you cannot climb a mountain by walking backwards and you cannot overcome by retreating when things come at you in the world. So as you face your pressures this day, praise me for them my child!

Praise me for the things that seem to loom up ahead of you, because they are of me to take you to higher ground. While climbing a mountain can be difficult, the reward at the end is worth all of the effort.

So try to keep your eyes on the goal this day my child. Look forward to the good things that will happen in your life because of overcoming these obstacles. So often it is easy to look at the mountains and only to see the obstacle, but I am telling you to look past that this day.

Instead of seeing an impossible or difficult situation, see the potential the situation has to make you rise up! For I desire you to be a success in all you do! I desire for you to succeed at work and in your relationships.

I desire for you to become efficient and to become a person of value. The only way you will become all of these things though is as you change. And so as you have reached out to me and asked me for change, I have brought some new mountains in your life.

So rejoice! For I am answering your prayers in a miraculous way. I am causing the things you need to change to come upon you. When you see this, then you see that by becoming bitter or angry with the mountains means that you are rebelling against the circumstances that I am taking you through right now.So praise me and climb the mountain ahead and very soon you will see what the effort was for and you will rejoice, says the Lord.

Something new for you today


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