Blogging with Personality

The algorithm behind the website analysed the writing style of my three blogs to see what personality type their author has. According to the algorithm, their author might suffer from multiple personality disorder (also called dissociative identity disorder).

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Chart

Who are you? (An MBTI chart)

The test revealed that in Blog A I am an artist (Myers-Briggs: ISFP) and can find a satisfying career in fashion design, (fine) art, teaching, interior design, landscape architecture, nursing, massage therapy, geology and translation–to name a few. Blog B reveals my thinker personality type (Myers-Briggs: INTP) and will be successful as a scientist, philosopher, lawyer, architect, mathematician, systems analyst, etc. My performer personality type (Myers-Briggs: ESFP) comes out in Blog C with prospective careers in art, teaching, social work, nursing, cheffing, and the like.

I find these test results both interesting and funny because according to a Myers-Briggs test I did nine years ago, I am an ISTJ. What this shows is that no human designed test can truly test all aspects of man’s personality; we are too complex for that. It also shows that each activity we are interested in reveals a certain aspect of who we are like the faces of a diamond. Sometimes these aspects are contradictory manifesting the paradox that is life.

So, go ahead and have your writing style analysed. The designer of the test does say that the test analyses the writing style only and should not be confused with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator self-reporting questionnaire (which I did nine years ago).


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