Winds of Change: Day 74

Born to Blog

I just finished Born to Blog. I skipped about five chapters that are irrelevant at this moment since I’m a personal blogger and not a business blogger.

What I learned from the book was that Eleazar’s Writing Space (EWS) is a mixture of the three main blogging types: accountability, introspective and sharing. It’s an accountability blog because of the Winds of Change thread; introspective because some of the content of the Winds of Change thread is of that nature as is the contents of the Ramble thread. I also shared poetry and videos on here.

I took their Blogging Skills Test and discovered that I’m more of a teacher. When I came to the teacher skill part of the test, I was elated because I could actually answer all the questions with certainty as opposed to the hesitancy I felt when I answered the dreamer, persuader and curator blogging personality types. I scored 5 on the storyteller blogging personality type. I don’t know why because I like telling stories.

Now, I need feed back from you, dear reader. Which blogging personality do you think I have? Am I more of a dreamer, someone who dreams about the future and what could be? A persuader who does his best to win people over to his point of view or to buy his product? A curator who carefully collects information, photographs, videos, quotes, and other art for display and teaching purposes? Or am I a storyteller?

Feedback on Podacst

After posting Dare to Chair this afternoon, I checked my work e-mail account for new e-mails and saw that my boss and the scriptwriter gave feedback on programme 5 of the podcast series. They were satisfied with my acting but not with my colleagues’. They said that my colleagues sounded like they were reading (which they were) and that colleague #2 spoke too fast. The scriptwriter made some other comments which I didn’t read because I was about to leave work. I sent my two colleagues the e-mail which was only read by colleague #1. They were sad about the review. Being as upset as I was I just couldn’t resist saying, “I told you so.” They did not listen to me when told them on every time we recorded to practice together or at least just read through the script before we record. Their attitude shows in the quality of their work.

I was upset the whole evening and in a flat spin of sorts (sorry for the slang). A car goes into a flat spin when it hits an oil slick in the road. The car literally spins uncontrollably. That is how my thoughts were tonight as I read and processed the book I was reading. Simply put, I was looking for a place for poetry in my life and to see where EWS is going. I have to think some more.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Google Image Search has been tempting me to do gender segregated searches like “man+plume” or “hippy+chick”. I resisted the temptation and the moment passed. (Thank God!)

A lab report

I learned today that our cultures in lab are basically dead because one of the culturing components was of poor quality. So the student who has been feeding our cultures had to start a new one from freezer stocks. This sets us back another month since it takes that long under favourable circumstances to get the needed number of cultures to do an experiment.

All of these disappoints led me to binge on the sweets a little. I over did the sugary treats just a bit today. Tomorrow is another day though.

I pray that God will help me sort things out and show me the way forward. He did promise to do this, didn’t He?


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