Winds of Change: Days 68-71

This is the entry for Days 68 to 71.

Wow! It’s been four days since I last posted! These four days were insightful, to say the least.

Let me start off by saying that last night I spent some time in prayer and laid down a rudimentary roadmap of all the things I would like to learn (about) and the skills that will be useful to have as a (science) journalist. I also discovered what drives me.

Driving forces

But, let’s start with the driving forces. I am driven by three things and if you’ve been following my journal entries for some time, you would most probably have picked these up.

I am driven by the need to understand. Whether it’s to understand God, society, culture, people, attitudes, perspectives, religion, history, you name it, I’d like to understand it. That’s everything except sports. No matter how hard I try I just don’t understand people’s fascination with sports. My need to understand is driven by two questions, basically, how? and why?

I am also driven by the desire to know how and what others understand and experience and how those experiences compare with my own. People fascinate me. I like reading their stories and I love it when a speaker relates something personal. And I like reading about how people experienced things I experienced or want to experience. This is mainly driven by two questions: what can I expect? and did I act correctly?

The third driving force is to change others’ understanding for the better as far as it is within reason and my power to do so. This is the reason why I started sharing those videos with you and also one of the reasons why I blog. Those concepts and things that changed my perception for the better, I want to share with you, my reader. And I hope that what I write on Eleazar’s Writing Space will inspire someone caught in the grip of pornography and masturbation as well as negative attitudes. All this I aim to do without shoving my views down your throat and writing you off just because you don’t agree with me.

If I could summarise my hartstog, my ultimate desire, I’ll say, “I want to change the world and influence people to love the Lord.” Writing allows me to do this although it’s pretty difficult to be heard with so many voices calling for attention on the World Wide Web. But, I think that those whose ears are able to tune in to my frequency will pick it up. One thing that I should remember is that my words and my deeds must agree if my writings are to have the effect I desire. I must write with integrity.

I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube about science journalism to find out what it is like while searching for the top ten national and international science journalists. I’m a little shy and scared of contacting them because I don’t want to offend them, but you have to put yourself out there if you want to be successful.

An editing gig

Oh yes! It was my boss’ farewell lunch on Friday. We went to a posh buffet restaurant. I ate little but drank juice with my food (which I don’t usually do) and ended feeling bloated. I learned about our unit’s history and had a wonderful time with my colleagues and the people who meant a lot to my boss.

During the conversation at the table, a senior colleague congratulated my colleague on an article she wrote. The article is about an interview I did with one of our countries leading scientists. My job for this interview was to conduct it and edit it to a podcast. Now I usually write the accompanying article but because we’re busy recording a 13 episode health talk show (whose audio editing I do) I didn’t have time to write the article. My colleague did it and I edited it before she sent it to our boss/editor for further editing. The comment made me happy because I basically rewrote the whole article and my boss only made one change to it: she split a paragraph in two.

I thank God for helping me do this because before and while I edited the document, I asked Him to give me the wisdom to do an excellent job and He did.


I actually wanted to set up an online survey about nudity. But, then I realised that it’s just a ploy to keep me interested in nudity (good or bad). I wanted to know how you, my reader, experience nudity, what your attitude towards it is, and why you have this attitude. But, I thought the better of it. I know enough already.

That said, I would still like to do a survey. So, you can expect a “stock taking” survey in the month.

Conversation with my professor

Last night I had a very satisfying dream after mapping out my thoughts on pursuing a career in science journalism. The dream was about a conversation my professor and I had. In the dream I thanked him for his patience, apologised for not giving 100%, and explained to him why I prefer science writing over lab work. He appreciated it.


Tomorrow (day 72) I’m going to buy two books on blogging and content creation. I’m also looking forward to learning HTML and maybe some Java.


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