Winds of Change: Day 67

A Pain in the Groin

I woke up this morning with a wet dream. I can’t remember the details of the dream.

Shortly after waking up, I began experiencing pain on the right side of my pubic area to where I’d had hernia repair surgery done last year. It was a sharp pain and hurt when I laughed or prodded the area. It also hurt when I laid on my right side as I tend to do when I try and fall asleep. Lying on my stomach was uncomfortable too.

So, when I couldn’t bear the pain anymore, I got up and went to my mom (yeah, I know) just to inform her what was going on. When I started making my way back to my room, my vision began fizzing up (I saw stars) and I felt weak and dizzy.

I got into my parents’ bed and layed until it was time to get ready to go to the doctor’s. I called in sick and my sis took a day’s leave because she wanted to take me to the doctor. She not so secretly wanted (and needed) a break from work.

Usually a direct inguinal hernia presents with a small lump in the groin. There was no lump today. But, the area between the scar and where my penis protrudes from my body was sore. It hurt when I laughed or prodded it. The scar tissue is pretty thick by the way so any lumps would have to be significantly large.

The doctor said that one can expect that some of the mesh attachment stitches to come loose and that he didn’t think that it was a relapse. He thought that it was a gland infection so he put me on a five day antibiotic course and some painkillers (Voltarin(R) and Sancodin(R)). He thought that my symptoms are stress-related since he asked me repeatedly whether I’m under a lot of stress and whether I’m getting enough sleep. He wanted to put me off from work but I declined.

The only way I will stop stressing is by clearing my plate. I am to see him next week. If the pain worsens I must see him as soon as possible.

This afternoon my sis and I went to the mall for lunch and to watch Battle of the Year. We didn’t watch it in 3D. There isn’t much to the story really. If you strip the 3D effects away the story is pretty straight forward. It conveys some good lessons and emphasises team work heavily. But, there’s not much of a thrill in the movie. Would I watch the movie again? Yes, not for it’s artistic value but for it’s life lessons and the coaching technique used.

Overall, the day was good. I had a great holiday.


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