Winds of Change: Day 65

I attended a funeral today of a very remarkable lady. She had a tough life, but always brought a smile to someone’s face. She had a wicked sense of humour and encouraged respect. Even though I didn’t know her that well, I felt the need to attend her funeral because she made such good impression on me. And I will miss her.

It was a relative of hers that inspired To Miss Africa. I’m a little embarrassed about writing and publishing the poem. It seems very superficial as it focuses a lot on her physical attributes. Even though I would like to get to know her, I tread cautiously, because she looks like she could be high maintenance and because I’m not ready for a romantic relationship of any kind–not until I’ve got my addiction “beat”. I should add that we attended the same conference and that her cousin is an acquaintance of mine. Our two groups of friends/family went out together one afternoon at the conference. It was a church youth conference.

I compiled a list of questions that I’ll ask poets and science journalists. Tomorrow I will begin searching for victims.


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