To Miss Africa

When I laid my eyes on you today
How strong the sun my heartbeat made
The glow that came from the curve of your lips
The quick in your eyebrow, the sway of your hips
The flow of your hair
As they spiraled down like stairs
The pallor of your skin
The light that shone from within
What message did the currents in your brain communicate
When you looked my way and saw me masticate?
For in my hand was a plate of food,
My mouth was filled with it too.
How you sent my rhymes awry!
None could I form though I tried!
Although your soul I do not yet know
I’ll do my best to do so.
For the ravages of time
Make our bodies decline
But our souls grow sweeter
As to the Lord we draw nearer
I don’t know what His plans for us may be,
But if it’s His will our romance will see eternity.


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