Uncharted Territory

Life is filled with uncertainty:
folks not knowing where to be,
others don’t know who they are
so they cover up and lead lives scarred.
How fickle we are
as we search for our identity!
Parents, family, friends all have expectations
even society has that inclination—
the pressure of the populace
often deemed heartless.
From this struggle we rise
ready to pursue a new enterprise;
like an island that from magma is borne
so our ship sets sail in the waking dawn.
Uncharted territory to our souls call
ready for danger, ready for brawl.
This is the beauty of life:
uncertainty causes strife
and from this fight–
this struggle–is born
someone with more brains than brawn.

This poem fits in well with today’s Daily Prompt.


13 thoughts on “Uncharted Territory

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