Winds of Change: Day 50

The Gravity of the Situation

Today was great. My friends and I did a programme at a church that’s 45 minutes by car. The programme was blessed and we spent part of the afternoon with their family.

We left for home at about 4pm so that I could feed my “bugs”. When I got to lab I realised that I didn’t have my keys with me, that I left them at home. So I had to go back and get them because none of the other researchers were available to open the lab for me.

My sister and I were going to meet our cousins to whom we are closest for a some cake and tea before going to a concert, just catch up. But that plan fell through the mat because I had to go back home, get the key, return to the lab, feed my bugs and make my way to my cousin’s home. After inform them that my sister and I would not be able to make it, we executed the new plan.

To make up for the disappointment, I treated my sister to a movie. She had to pay for her own pop corn and soda though. We watched Gravity starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. It’s Sci-fi but very probable. The movie deals with denial, loss, solitude, death, survival, attitude, and reality. Bullock’s character grows from being someone who has no desire to live to someone who, after interacting with the dead team leader in a dream, decides to live. Her attitude changes from being morose to determination. She lands on terra firma struggling to walk at first, but soon finds her feet–literally.

Gravity is art. The scenes and themes are ones we can all identify with. Some scenes are laden with emotion and continually draw you back to the gravity of the situation. I will definitely watch it again.

It was a good alternative to the concert we were going to go to.

Detecting Potential

There were some beautiful girls at the programme we gave this morning. I liked their style of dress, face shape and hair. They were similar to the girl that caught my eye at the taxi rank on Friday while I waited for a taxi. Even though they may have the outer qualities I’m attracted to, their heart and their relationship with God is what counts. The only way for me to know these things is to interact with them more on a non-invasive, platonic level. However, I won’t be doing that until I have at least one year of abstinence from porn behind me.

Sauna etiquette

I read up on whether there are any kosher gender-segregated nude saunas nearby and didn’t find any. One is clothing optional but that’s at a very upmarket hotel that’s quite some distance away. I won’t be going it soon. I’m still a student. After reading one expat lady’s experience at a gym I remembered my resolution not to read people’s nude experiences. That was not my intention though. So, I exited the website immediately. What I did learn was that some people are inconsiderate of others who are not comfortable with being naked and seeing other people naked.

I don’t want to be inconsiderate. But, I also don’t want my freedom restricted in areas where nudity is permissible. The woman entered the sauna and left as soon as she saw a woman sitting naked unashamedly in the sauna. I would like her to understand that unless the place explicitly states its policy on nudity in locker rooms, showers and saunas, she can expect to find naked people lounging around the place; have a sense of humour; talk to them and find out why they like lounging around naked; you might just be able to change their perspective. And to the nude woman I would like to say, “Be considerate of others and of the norms of the dominant culture. It’s always safe to err on the side of modesty.”

Withdrawal symptoms

I was keenly aware of where I looked today.


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