This poem was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

Writers we are
and writers we’ll be;
we write from the heart
we write what we see.

Sometimes our views leave others confused;
that’s when we write without our muse.
But so it goes, the ink ever flows
as words and thoughts pour out of our souls.

For many years I dreamed of the day
when I could finally write poetry;
so hard it was for me to write,
I racked my brain both day and night.

What joy filled my heart when I took
a pen in my hand, laid it in the crook,
and ink upon the page did spill
as my emotions had their fill.

To my delight and that of others
I wrote a poem without blushes:
funny it was, like I’d wanted it to be,
posted it on Word Press for many to see.

I was elated;
self-criticism’s sedated.
I had just expressed myself
in a poem for readers to delve.


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