Winds of Change: Day 45

Yesterday went well. I got the extension of my article approved by my boss and spent the whole doing some background reading.

Frank, my accountability partner, and I spoke yesterday. We had some trouble with the connection but he encouraged me greatly.

Before going to work yesterday I realised that I’ve not actually been as diligent or dedicated or committed to my Master’s as I claimed to be. If I were, I would be getting up at 2:00 am every night to read, write and process data. But, this is not the case. So, from tomorrow (Day 47) onward I will do just that: get up at 2:00 am to do what I need to do. I don’t believe in taking energy supplements because they leave you worse off for having taken them. So, I decided to take a multivitamin elixir just for the placebo effect knowing that I’m not doing it in my own strength, that I’m taking stuff to support my body as it will be severely taxed.


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