Winds of Change: Day 44

Yesterday I took it easy. I was still recovering from the allergy pills I took on Friday night. After a short afternoon nap, I was good to go and continued reading papers for my second article. It was while I prayed that I realised that I actually needed to forgive myself for my failures. We all do and say things we regret and the best we can is just to forgive ourselves, analyse why we regret, resolve to do better and just do it (as Nike says).

So, in terms of porn withdrawals, the regret and remorse I felt could be classified as mood swings, but other than that not much. I did feel tempted a lot but not so much that I couldn’t bear it. I could “feel” my body trying to looking for porn, but, by God’s grace, I didn’t act on it. And it was the same for sugar withdrawals yesterday.


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