When To Safely Hit “Publish” And When To Hold Back!

Just something to keep in mind…

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Blogging Safety



Today’s Daily Prompt topic hit home for me like a ton of bricks, especially since I have a published, monthly opinion column in a women’s newsmagazine. The question of knowing when to “release” an article or a post is the same as asking myself the question: How do I know when it is safe to open or keep my mouth shut? The answer to that question lies in not what I would like to do, but rather, how much I am willing to sacrifice and risk to publish an article or post.

The possible answers to that question are vast and profound, but if one is careful, he or she can hit the publish button with a lot more confidence as long as they observe some fundamental rules. Some of them may be relevant to you and some may not. Only you can be the judge of what…

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