Move On and Be Happy, For God’s Sake

What I really needed to hear…


Tonight I sat on my bed completely disappointed and depressed with everything that has happened today and the last few weeks. There’s this school thing and family thing. I sat and sobbed. There were piles of worksheets to do, clearance to be signed, tons of notes to study and a whole lot of thought and truth to think over. So I just sat and sobbed. I don’t do that often (maybe I do but I’m never gonna tell you) and I was completely enthralled with myself. This is not me. This is not the version of Katrina I have inhabited for almost 19 years. This is Katrina Version The downgraded version. The completely-altered version of me. Ew. 

And so I thought, why do we think it’s better to dwell in the past than live for the moment? When did we realize how ‘cute’ and ‘trendy’ tweeting sad/love quotes? Why is…

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